PS-makuake Co., Ltd. Respect your privacy concerns. We value the information you provide us. This Privacy Policy It refers to the type of personal information we collect about our customers, such as address, telephone number, and the measures we take to protect our data. And how can customers contact us about purchasing, shipping, and shipping? Other private information The information we have about you, our customers, may be given personal information about you from sources such as social media outlets. Or event organizers. Include some information in an automated way, like cookies.

The information you provide

You may have provided your personal information. With us at any time, such as the promotion. And we store your personal information on our web server or when you make a purchase on the site. Or in our dealer’s shop. The information we store is as follows.
– Contact information (eg name, mailing address Email address And cell phone numbers)
– Age and birthday
– Gender
– Username and password *Please note that Your password We will store it with MD5 encryption to protect your information from hackers.
– Payment information (such as your payment card number, expiration date, delivery address). And address for billing)
– Interest in our other products.
– Tell a Friend

How do we use your information?

We may use information provided by you to
– Send information about the promotion. Or other communications to you.
– service to you
– Take action on your payment transaction.
– Create and manage your online account.
– answer your questions
– Communicate with you and manage your participation in the competition.
– We may also use your information in other ways. We’ve made a specific announcement at the time of the crawl.

The information we collect by automated means.
When you visit the website. We will collect your information by using a cookie server session.

The technology we use is a cookie server web server.
This is a feature of PHP version 4.0 and above that helps to track and monitor the status of users, we need to create a session variable to store the desired value. The persistence of this session variable depends on the window of the web browser. It does not depend on the PHP file that created the variable, that is, after the session variable was created by a PHP file. We can reference that variable from other PHP files as long as the user still has access to the PHP file on our Web site using the same window.
This means that the information we send is stored on the user’s machine. For the benefit of monitoring and tracking individual users. If the cookie expires when the user browses another PHP file in the same directory as the cookie file, the browser will send the cookie to the user’s machine. The cookie is sent to the server, where PHP will set the cookie as a variable so we can validate it. Tracking the status of users with session and cookie are as different as:
Cookie depends on the time we set. Or we order to expire. Runs the file in the same folder as the file that created the variable.
Session depends on the window of the browser is running is not limited to depending on the browser window, if the window is closed, it ends the session.

Services provided by outsiders
We may use third-party web analytics services for this site, such as Coremetrics and Google Analytic Services, Google Adwords. These service providers use technologies such as Session Cookie. Helps to analyze how visitors use the site. Information gathered by these methods. (Including your IP address) will be disclosed to these providers. The data is used to evaluate the use of the site. You may disable the ability of Coremetrics to analyze your visit activity. Your visit on this site. To disable the Google cookie, some browsers will show you when the cookie is being sent. This will allow you to refuse cookies at any time.

Targeted Advertising

We may also contact third-party ad networks that aggregate IP addresses. And other information using Session and Cookie on our website and email. On websites and third-party email and on our ads placed on third-party websites, those third parties use this information to advertise products and services. The service is tailored to your interests. You may see these ads on our website and other websites. These processes help us to manage. And track the success of our marketing efforts. If you want to know more about these ad networks. Please contact us:

Information we share with others

We do not sell personal information that we collect about you. Or otherwise disclosed. This is not the case here. We may share personal information with others. Our affiliates For the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, the Service Provider, who handles the Services for us in accordance with our instructions. We do not make these services available or disclose. Examples of these providers include organizations that process payment processes. By credit card Order Management And services on the site. And marketing services.

Your rights and choices
We offer certain options to you regarding the personal information we collect from you, such as how we use the information. And how do we contact you in order to make your choices as current? Asking us to remove your information from the mailing list. Please contact us at the address listed below.
-Opt out of email
You can unsubscribe at any time. If that email disturbs you by canceling the Unsubscribe News service.
– Opt out of mail
You may ask us to stop sending marketing communications mail. You can also ask us to refrain from sending promotional materials by post. By contacting us at the address listed below of this website. Or contact us at
– Opt out of receiving messages.
You can ask us to ignore the message to the phone (SMS) by sending an email to
– Withdrawal of consent
You may withdraw any consent. You have given us previously. Or objection at any time For legal reasons Continue to process your personal information. We will take the action you requested in the future in a timely manner. In certain cases, we will withdraw your consent. Or disclose your personal information. It means that you will not benefit from the product. Or some of our services.
– current verification And editing personal information
Subject to applicable law. You may have access. And get the details about the personal information we keep about you. Edit to current And fix your personal information. And block Or delete the data as appropriate. Access to personal information may be restricted in certain circumstances. Local law You may review, change or delete your personal information. Send email to

Data transfer

We may transfer personal information we collect about you. Go to countries other than the country where the information was first collected. Those countries may not have the same privacy laws. The country you gave the first information. When we transfer your information to another country We will protect this information as set out in this Privacy Policy.

The privacy of an underage person.

If you are under 20 you may visit this site. You can not register for membership with us. That’s why. This site is not designed for anyone under the age of 20. We know we have not received personally identifiable information under the age of 20 years. We will delete that information from our records without notice.

How to protect your personal information ?

We have a way to protect your information. By keeping it well. In our web server system. The system is designed to protect the personal information you provide us. To prevent damage, loss, alteration, disclosure, or hacking of information for unlawful purposes. Or unauthorized access

Links to other web sites.

Our website may contain links to other websites. For your convenience and for information. These sites may operate independently of us. The linked sites may have their own notice and privacy policy. We strongly recommend that you check out the website. Link to any In case we do not own or control the linked site. We are not responsible for the content of the site. Use any website. Or the privacy practices of such websites.


Updating Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy May be updated periodically. And without notice to you in advance. To meet our changing privacy practices We will post on the website clearly. To notify you of any significant changes. Of our Privacy Policy. And it shows up in the top of the policy when it’s updated the last time.

How to contact us ?

If you have any questions or comments. About this Privacy Policy Or if you would like us to correct the information we have about you. Or your choice to present. Please contact us by emailing

You may also write a letter to
PS-makuake Co.,Ltd
20/55 Soi Prommit,Klong tun nuea,Wattana,Bangkok,Thailand 10110